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serving Ogden, Utah and surrounding areas with compassionate maternity and well woman care



HI! I'm Sarah fairlight Chase CPM, an Ogden lover, an active member of my community, a gardener and mixer of herbal goodness, food preserving enthusiast, a mother to 4 boys born at home, a wife of 20+ years and a passionate believer in the natural process of birth. I am one lucky lady who is supported by her family, friends, and community and I am beyond excited to share all this with the birthing people of the Ogden area.

Witnessing the homebirth of my sister at the tender age of 10, holding my mother's hand and absorbing the experience the best I could is my earliest memory of birth and what set my foundation of what birth could be. Through that moment I was lead on a path to Midwifery and the supporting of women through their childbearing years. Since then I have been to over 130 births in a range of ways, as a doula, midwives assistant, student, and now as a primary provider.

This awe that I feel towards out of hospital birthing was also nurtured by my Mother who was involved in our home-birthing community. As a child she would bring me with her to childbirth education classes and to women's & mother's circles held on a local community. There I learned to value the positive impact of having a village of supportive humans to gather around you. These lessons imprinted early have molded me and the care I want to give to others during their childbearing years.

 I spent 5 years apprenticing and studying towards my CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) credentialing and then on to Utah State licensure. I currently work with a licensed midwife and a assistant at every birth to make sure all my clients receive the highest quality of care.

As a Midwife my dream is to create a space. A space for a broader understanding of our bodies, a space to explore ourselves and all that we are. A place that uterus owners at all stages feel like they belong. A moment to be held on the journey of childbirth. A space to come back to when your heart is heavy. By intention, I want to help create a space for parents as they walk this path for the 1st time or the 12th.

I want to birth this dream into a full fledged reality. By creating somewhere that you can come and enjoy a cup of tea and forge a long term relationship with the members of your community.




This includes all the prenatal care, attendance at your home birth, supplies, and postpartum care 


This includes all the prenatal care, attendance at your birth at a local birth center, supplies, and postpartum care


Standard testing, IUD removal, yearly exams & more
Starting at $50

Got to spend a little quality time with


Each client, birth, and family is unique and I celebrate those differences and strive to provide complete comprehensive care throughout your entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey that is tailored to your needs. I believe that regular prenatal visits that nurture a trusting relationship are vital to the birthing process.  In order to have a trusting relationship we each need to be honest and open in our communication. That is why I will meet with you monthly for prenatal visits for the first 2 trimesters and then bi-weekly from 28-36 weeks and weekly from 36 weeks until birth, asking for consent through the labor and birthing process, and maintaining a relationship through the first 6 weeks postpartum and sometimes beyond depending on the situation.

Your care includes:

*All prenatal appointments, including 1 or more home visits

*Nutritional and herbal support and guidance, including my Nourishing Pregnancy tea and Postpartum sitz baths

*All clinical testing including blood tests and labs.

*Access to a midwife 24/7 via text or call for urgent medical concerns, all other calls between 8 am to 8 pm

*Labor and birth support from me and 1-2 assistants and/or doula

*Birthing kit supplies including all disposables

*Newborn exam and postpartum care

What you can expect at your prenatal visits:

*Appointments lasts approx. 45 minutes.

*Having time to go over any questions or concerns you have.

*Checking in with your body with weight, vitals, and urine checks.

*Listening to your baby’s heart with either a doppler or fetoscope.

*Measuring & palpating uterus for growth and position of baby starting at 20 weeks.

What you can expect at your birth:

*That a birth team consisting of myself and 1-2 other assistants will attend you.

*We will bring all necessary medical supplies and disposables.

*We will clean up after the birth, including deflating the tub and starting a load of laundry.

*I’ll leave postpartum directions and paperwork and help you file your birth certificate.

What you can expect postpartum:

*I will visit you in your home between 24/48 hours after birth to check on you and baby.

*That you will have a 1,2, and 6 week postpartum visit to check in with you and baby’s health.

*If you choose to have the Newborn Metabolic testing done, I’ll order that and do the testing.

*I’ll help with nursing or refer you to a lactation consultant if needed.


I am a strong and capable woman.

I trust my instincts to know what I need in my labor.

The intensity of my contractions can't be stronger than me, they are me.

300,000 people will be giving birth with me today.

My body will give birth in it's own time.

My baby is happy and healthy.

I don't fight the birth in any way, my body is relaxed.

I give birth safely.

My body knows what to do.

I feel strong waves of labor and know that everything is progressing normally.