I love body butter(s) and am very picky about the feel, and the ingredients, and I knew right off the bat that the ingredients would be just what I was looking for because I know what Sarah puts in her products, where they come from (I can see her garden), and that she's invested in a quality product. She has the knowledge and the passion to provide quality products and services. 

I've been using the body butter nightly for two weeks now, on my hands,elbows, knees, and heels. My roughest spots. I noticed a difference the next morning, and after 5 nights of applying it, my skin is now soft enough that I now only apply every other night.  I love the feel of it. Solid to the touch, then melts instantly. It is oily, but not greasy. It does absorb beautifully when you take the time to really rub it in, and a little goes a long way. It will last me longer than I originally thought. The smell is so delicate that you can wear it alone, or with another fragrance without it being irritating. 

Baby's Feet


Sarah, Past Client

Sarah has been my midwife for my past two babies. I enjoyed her so much with my first baby that I HAD to have her as my primary care provider with my second baby. Sarah carries out a level professionalism while still being a great friend and supporter. In my experience you don’t get that kind of care with most doctors. I was able to text or call Sarah with any questions or concerns I had at most hours of the day. She preformed quite a few of my prenatal appointments right in the comfort of my own home and she made it a family experience. My husband always got be involved with everything and she was always very considerate of him and his feelings as well. She worked to give me options to combat all my anxieties and make me comfortable for my whole pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Not only did she care for my baby and I in a medical sense but I also knew I could lean on her as a friend and talk to her about anything I might have had going on. 

Mother and Baby on Floor


Janelle, Past Client

Some of my favorite things about receiving care through Fairlight Midwifery are education, love and support! And everything was at my home!! I absolutely LOVED having appointments at home! My kids were involved every step of our new babies life! Even his birth!
During my care I was always presented my options to choose from and then several different suggestions to research them!
I always felt informed and empowered! Never judged or made feel stupid for my questions or decisions! I was always heard and a priority!
I honestly could go on and on about the incredible care my family received! We feel so blessed to have found Sara! She truly made our birth so special and we are forever grateful!