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Postpartum, Doula, and Midwife Classes

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Doula Classes

Do you love working with pregnant people and babies? Are you looking for a new and rewarding career? Do you want to support your friends and family in an intimate meaningful way?

These are the classes for you.

Student Midwife Classes

Want to be a midwife? Have I mentioned that I love teaching? Stay tuned for our next physical class. All classes are based off the NARM 201A form and when completed earn you up to 60+ knowledge and skills preceptor signatures!


Postpartum Doula Classes

Postpartum doula work supports families through those first months after birth by understanding anatomy, lactation, infant care and community building. Come learn the fundamentals while building your hands on skills for caring for birthing people and babes. Includes recipes, herbals, workbook, and business handouts and supplies.

Herbs & Essential Oils in the childbearing year

Want to learn more about how to support your pregnancy and postpartum with herbs and essential oils? This is the class for you!


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