This postpartum sitz bath blend uses Organic and/or Wildcrafted herbs and flowers to help restore traumatized tissue and fight infection after vaginal birth. Epson salts are added to help reduce inflammation, pain, stress, along with numerous other health benefits. At Fairlight Midwifery we give these to each of our clients these to use to aid postpartum recovery. 

These come as pre-made satchels (like extra-large teabags)  for easy of measurement and clean up but you can special order as a loose leaf mixture both can be used either as an infusion (really strong tea) or put directly in the bathtub.


Directions for infusion:

Fill half a kettle with water and boil. Take off heat and add 1 satchel of herbs, let steep 30+ minutes or until water is a dark color. Pour into your peri-bottle. Making sure the sitz is cool enough, test on wrist. Gently spray over your vaginal area. Do this once to twice a day, using the whole peri-bottle, for the first 3-5 days after birth.


Directions for bathtub:

Fill a sparkling clean bathtub with 6 inches with very hot water and add 2 sitz bath satchels or 1/2 to 1 cup loose leaf herb. As soon as the water is comfortable get in, soak and enjoy!


*Always check with your care provider before using any medication or herbal product.

No 1 postpartum sitz bath

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