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You defintley want this perineum oil blend in your corner if you are a first time birther or you have a history of vaginal/perineum tearing or episiotomy scarring. 


No #12 has 4 heavy hitter essential oils in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil. This can also be used in conjunction with perineum massage and in the postpartum period to aid in healing.



                                                Perineum Massage

Perineal massage is exactly what it sounds like: massaging the perineum . Some women do it for themselves, and others will ask their partners to help. Often, it is done throughout pregnancy. Perineal massage is done to stretch and increase flexibility in the perineum in preparation for birth, in hopes of keeping the area intact—or at least minimizing perineal trauma during delivery.

In four trials of nearly 2,500 women, researchers found that perineal massage before birth reduced the incidences of perineal trauma requiring suturing in first-time moms. The study also found that women who practiced perineal massage were less likely to have episiotomies and the experienced moms who practiced perineal massage reported less pain at three months postpartum.

It’s best to start the prenatal perineal massage around 34 weeks. Do this by laying down on a clean towel, making sure you are relaxed, and grabbing the perineum spray. Either you or your partner can slowly and gently stretch the tissue with clean hands and trimmed nails. First either lubricate your fingers or spray the perineum 2-3 times with the PP oil. Starting on the sides of the vaginal opening insert thumbs (or your partner's fingers into the birth canal 1 inch. With gentle pressure making sure not to cause pain press downward in a half circle motion. (visual aids can be found in your pregnancy book).

Also, you can use this spray after each trip to the bathroom. 1 spray on the labia and perineum area will help reduce trauma during birth and reduce scar tissue. Make sure to keep any remaining PP oil for postpartum healing.



No 12 perineum oil

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