No 2 pregnancy tea

A delicious blend of organic or wild-crafted herbs that I hand out to all my clients. Seriously this tea is oh so good and I drink it daily!

This blend can be used as a tea for daily/casual drinking by the cup or pot. 
Another way to enjoy is to make an herbal infusion to get the most herbal punch.

This is an organic herbal blend for general nutrition and enjoyment. This is a synergistic blend of seven common herbs that yield maximum nutritive value. Chocked full of vitamins and minerals, high in calcium, magnesium, iron, folic acid, Vitamin K, carotenes, selenium, and chlorophyll, it is a strong antioxidant, and anti-stress properties. These herbs promote a healthy immune system and enrich the blood. For those who need a nutritional boost, experiencing illness or convalescing, pregnant or nursing, or just love to sip some warm comforting tea, this blend is an excellent choice.

**Always talk to your health care provider before adding to your regiment.

No 2 pregnancy tea

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